Stylish Oval Car Trash Can – Leak-Proof Swing Lid for Odorless Car Organization

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Enjoy the perfect blend of form and function with this stylish oval car trash can. The innovative design features a leak-proof swing-on lid for discreet disposal, making it an essential companion during car rides. The oval shape not only enhances the visual appearance but also ensures a universal fit for any vehicle. A special odor seal distinguishes this car organizer, preventing unwanted odors from infiltrating your vehicle’s space. With a surface treatment process that includes a micro powder coating, this trash can is not only stylish but also built to last. Upgrade your driving experience and maintain a clean and organized car interior with this stylish and practical addition to your car.

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MPN: SS00180
Brand: Salina Shop


Upgrade your car organization with our Stylish Oval Car Trash Can. The leak-proof swing lid keeps odors at bay while adding a touch of style to your vehicle interior. Enjoy a clean and fresh driving experience with this sleek and practical car accessory.


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