Universal Car Cup Holder with Air Vent Mount – Convenient Travel Accessory

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This universal automobile cup holder has been designed for both simplicity and practicality, with a strong construction capable of carrying up to 1kg without breaking a sweat. The larger capacity accepts different-sized water glasses, beverage bottles, and ashtrays, making it versatile for your everyday needs. The anti-skid design of the EVA pad decreases cup movement, reducing scratches and guaranteeing a smooth and steady ride. This cup holder fits many automobile models and locations thanks to an adjustable support rod, ensuring a balanced and secure positioning. Furthermore, the accompanying sizing components allow you to adapt the mount to accommodate different air vent blades, assuring a perfect fit for your car.

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Enhance your travel experience with our Universal Car Cup Holder featuring an Air Vent Mount. This convenient travel accessory ensures that your drinks stay secure and easily accessible while on the road. The universal design fits most car cup holders, making it a must-have for those who prioritize comfort and convenience during their journeys.


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