Magnetic Leather Sunglasses Holder Clip – Car Visor Accessory

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Introducing the Magnetic Leather Sunglasses Holder Clip – the perfect car visor accessory for eyeglasses, designed to enhance your driving experience with comfort and style. This stylish and practical accessory ensures that your glasses and sunglasses are always within easy reach, eliminating the hassle of fumbling with them while on the road.

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MPN: SS00029
Brand: Salina Shop


Tired of sunglasses flying around your car? This magnetic clip keeps them secure and within reach on your visor. Stylish and practical, it’s a driver’s must-have! Say goodbye to gross hair clogs! This handy strainer catches hair before it creates a plumbing nightmare. Easy to clean and reusable, it keeps your drains flowing smoothly. Pet hair got you down? This fabric scraper tackles lint and fur on sweaters, coats, and more, leaving your clothes looking smooth and hair-free. Give your car’s armrest some TLC with this comfy and stylish leather mat. Protects from scratches, spills, and everyday wear, with memory foam padding for ultimate comfort on long drives. Choose your favorite color!


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