Mini Marvel: Detachable Car Trash Can with Quiet Close Design

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Our Mini Car Trash Can is designed for functionality and beauty, and it goes through a careful surface treatment procedure with oil rub to bring a touch of refinement to the inside of your vehicle. The streamlined and removable design improves functionality by allowing for quick and easy cleaning anytime it is required. With this intelligently created item, you can ensure that hygiene and style coexist smoothly in every voyage. Invest in the Mini Car Trash Can for a clean ride that is unobtrusive, efficient, and beautiful.

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MPN: SS00191
Brand: Salina Shop


Introducing our Mini Marvel, the Detachable Car Trash Can with a quiet close design. This compact yet efficient trash can is perfect for keeping your car clean on-the-go. The detachable feature makes emptying a breeze, while the quiet close design ensures a discreet and peaceful experience.


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